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Pin triangle Bluetooth anti-lost device mobile phone anti-theft pet locator


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Dimensions: 36.5mm * 32.5mm * 7.2mm

1. Adopting Bluetooth new 4.0 technology, the power consumption is very low, the button battery CR2032 is powered, standby for 3 months, and the replacement is convenient. 

 2. Support IOS system 8.0 or above and ANDROID 4.4 or higher system (Bluetooth 4.0 required) 

 3. The anti-lost device is exquisite and stylish, with 4 main colors (white, black, red and green) and can be matched with each other to provide unlimited combination of imagination. 

 · Connect with the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, and the two-way search function can connect 3 anti-lost devices at the same time; 

· In the connected state, when the anti-lost device exceeds the set Bluetooth range, the mobile phone and the anti-lost device simultaneously alarm; 

· On the mobile phone, you can check the map location when the anti-lost device is disconnected; 

· Provides the DND function, which can be set to mute during a certain period of time to prevent work and other important time from disturbing; 

· Control the phone shooting function through the anti-lost device, and remotely control the self-timer. 

·Control mobile phone recording function through anti-lost device

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Pink, Black, Blue, Green, White


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